We have been operating as Drilling Contractor in the geothermal and mining sector for over sixty years alongside the big companies of the Oil & Gas sector. We are structured for total management of drilling Rigs and the design of components that make our systems state-of-the-art with minimum environmental impact in terms of emissions in the atmosphere, water, soil and noise pollution.


Our drilling Rigs are innovative, designed to endure harsh conditions, equipped with modern technology to meet Customers’ needs and guarantee health and safety for the workforce.


Onshore drilling Rigs with ZERO CO2 emissions, in line with the company’s guidelines of safety and sustainable development.

These drilling Rigs with full electrification. Extremely low noise emissions (below 70 dB) thanks to newest generation oleodynamic operation..

Led light does not cause discomfort to the local population nor to the fauna. Although it has an exceedingly high level of efficiency, the Rig is definitely smaller than traditional ones: on average, it is 50% smaller. The colours blend with nature.

The compact structure, modular and pre-fitted, reduces assembly and disassembly time and makes transport easy with loads reduction of 75%. Less inconvenience for the population, lower CO2 emissions, less risk for the operators.

The Rig’s automation prevents human contact with machinery, thus safety is remarkably increased. Lowering the pipes in well is managed in total automated manner (automatic catboard), handled from a control tower. This process prevents also the use of crane and noise and pollution generating equipment.

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